**Remember: an audition is not required to join a choir at LOHS! Any singer of any ability level is encouraged to join in and make excellent, joyful music. You can be a part of our tenor/bass ensemble, Laker Choir, or soprano/alto ensemble in Treble Choir without an audition. You can add the class at the beginning of the year, or at the start of second semester!

Interested in joining an intermediate/advanced choir, such as Bel Canto, A Cappella, or the Windjammers? The five steps of the audition are listed below. Auditions can take place at any time, and the choirs can be added to your schedule at the start of the year or the beginning of second semester.

To schedule an audition, please email Ms. Bamford ( or call/text the choir office (503.479.5698).

  1. We want to get to know you! Fill out the LOHS Choirs audition form by clicking here. **if interested in auditioning for Windjammers, make sure to also thoughtfully fill out the final page.
  2. Vocal Range: sing the following exercises using your best posture, breath support, and vibrant tone.
    Descending- “Nee-ah” (Do-Sol-Fa-Mi-Re-Do)
    Ascending- “I sigh to sing” (Sol-Do’-Sol-Mi-Do)
  3. Tonal Recall: you will be played a pattern of 5-7 notes on the piano. You will sing them back on ‘na.’ You are not allowed to sing or look at the piano while the pattern is being played.
  4. Sight Reading-:you will be given a 4 measure pitch/rhythm musical example. Then, you have 30 seconds to prepare the example- you may sing out loud during this time and nothing counts for or against you! Past sight-singing examples can be found by clicking here.
  5. Prepared Piece– if auditioning for Bel Canto/A Cappella, prepare “America the Beautiful.” It is to be sung a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).800px-5_America,_the_Beautiful
    **if auditioning for Windjammers, singers must also prepare a piece of their choice. It should showcase the range, tone quality, and expressiveness of their voice. It is to be 16-32 measures long (about 30-60 seconds). Students are allowed instrumental accompaniment only if they provide it themselves (for example, sing and play piano/guitar/ukulele/etc.)
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