Bel Canto

          The Lake Oswego High School Bel Canto is an auditioned choir of intermediate treble singers in grades 10-12. The choir performs the highest quality choral literature for treble voices, incorporating a variety of styles from renaissance, classical, romantic, modern, and contemporary choral traditions with a focus on diverse instrumentation, opportunities for solo singing, and celebrating the strength and beauty of the treble voice. Singers continue developing skills introduced in Treble Choir, including development of healthy vocal technique, intermediate musicianship and sight reading skills, and studying advanced four-plus part music. The choir frequently performs for the school and serves as ambassador of great treble singing for our community. We perform regularly for our community, work with clinicians and composers of note, and perform outside of LOHS at events including the St. Mary’s Academy Treble Festival and the Oregon State University Festival of Voices. Our singers are not only motivated choristers, but they are also involved in the school musical, our Chamber Choir, and athletics.

2017-2018 Roster

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