Take Private Voice!

During any choral rehearsal as a singer, you get a lot of information about how to function within an ensemble, how to read music, and a good idea of what a healthy vocal technique should sound like. Sometimes, the information you get in a rehearsal isn’t always personalized to what is happening with your own voice in particular. That’s where private lessons come in! There is no better way to advance your study of singing than by taking voice with a private teacher who understands you, your voice, and how best to get you to reach your maximum potential. Although you get a lot during rehearsal, a private instructor can tailor your lessons specifically to you and what you need as a singer.

A list of private teachers can be found by clicking here.

As the director, I know these teachers and their strengths. If you need help finding the teacher who will work best for you, please ask me!

If money is an issue, please let me know. Our booster organization is making an effort to provide lesson scholarships for students who are interested in taking lessons, contribute greatly to the LO Choir program, and need some financial assistance in order to take lessons consistently. Contact me for me information.

Regardless of whether you take privately or not, keep on singing! It is an honor and a joy to hear you lift your voices in song every day. -schwalbach


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