An invitation to join Mom Choir to support Women’s Shelters @ Final Concert on May 21st

One of the great joys I have as a music educator is I get to watch how students begin to connect the importance of music to social issues. One of my students came to me this past winter with an idea to raise money for a cause which she really believed in- providing assistance to women who are victims of abuse, assault, and other hardships. She mentioned wanting to put together a group to sing “Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine, performing it at a concert, and taking a collection which we would then donate to a local women’s shelter. Thus, we decided to bring back a LO Choir tradition- the Mom Choir.

What are we doing?
Treble singers (sopranos and altos) are to invite a person (or people!) who has helped them ‘raise their voice’ to sing with us. You might get invited- be honored, don’t worry for a second if you feel like you can’t sing, and come join us! If you haven’t been asked by your singer yet…well, you have my permission to bother them about it 🙂 (we will be talking about this in more detail in Bel Canto/A Cappella next week)

Do I have to be a mom to take part?
Nope! This is all about celebrating the important connections and strong voices in our student’s lives. The only requirement is that those voices be Sopranos/Altos (sorry, tenors/basses!). You can be a sister, friend, aunt, cousin, step-sister, little brother who still has a treble voice…any relationship will do as long as you are invited to sing with us and are willing to join us in song!

OK, I’m in! What should I do??
1) Learn the piece with your singer- pick a voice part (soprano is the melody and probably the most accessible part; if you’re unsure of which part to sing, pick Soprano). You can find tracks to practice by clicking this link. You can also find a recording of our particular arrangement by clicking here. (we will accompany ours with piano, guitar, and drums) Find some joy in making music together- if you’ve never done it before, seize this opportunity! You won’t regret it.
2) Come to our rehearsal next Thursday, May 17th from 6:00-6:45pm in the choir room. We will have some light snacks and beverages and share an evening of song together. It’s sure to be a delight!
3) Find a nice black outfit (dash of color with scarf is also good!)
4) Put on said outfit and come to our rehearsal before the concert on Monday, May 21st at 6:45pm in the choir room.
5) Sing your heart out with some great kids for a great cause! We will perform first on the concert.

What if I can’t make rehearsal on Thursday- can I still join?
Absolutely! Just let me know you plan on attending and what voice part you plan on singing so I can save a spot for you in the choir.

I’m honored to be invited and want to help out, but I really feel like I can’t sing…do I have to??
Know two things… first, if you can talk, you can sing! Maybe not well, but that’s okay. This is about strengthening our community and raising money for a good cause. We’re not trying to win 1st place at the state choir competition. Plus, you might learn you actually can! Or someone might donate some money to see you sing up on stage. It’s a win-win!

Do I need to have the piece memorized??
Nope. Printed music will be provided for you. Just sing from the heart!

I can sing but my student is a tenor or bass OR I know an alumni OR my singer has a sibling who is a soprano or alto OR my best friend is a great singer- can we/they come too??
YES!! Please join us or invite other treble voices (send this email along, or send them to the choir website- The more strong, influential people in our students live’s, the better!! The bigger the choir, the better. And it sends a MUCH stronger message to our students and community, both with respect to helping women in need and how much we value singing together.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know. I can’t wait to see everyone next week and make some music together with our community! Be well. cheers,zs


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