Choir Spirit Week!

CHOIR SPIRIT WEEK is coming! Celebrate singing at LO by taking part. Come by the choir room by 3:35 each day for a picture to be posted on our Instagram.


Holiday Concert, Light of Our Hearts, 5:55pm call, 7:00pm start (stream here)

TUESDAY, 12/12- TWIN DAY (dress exactly like someone else! Triplets/quadruplets/dodecatuplets encouraged!)

WEDNESDAY, 12/13- PAJAMA DAY (‘nuf said)

THURSDAY, 12/14- SECTION COLORS! Sopranos+Mezzos- Purple. Altos- oceans of Blue. Tenors- Pink. Basses- Green. FOOD FOR THE SECTION WITH HIGHEST PERCENTAGE!

**after school: CHOIR POTLUCK, SECRET SNOWFLAKE, AND WATCHING ELF!! 3:20-5:00pm in the choir room.

A Cappella/WJ- something substantial (more centerpiece-y; think sandwiches, wings, pasta salad, deli salad, etc.)
Bel Canto- something healthy (fruit, cookies, etc.)
Laker Choir- something crunchy + salty (chips, pretzels, etc.)
Treble Choir- something sweet (fruit, cookies, etc.)

FRIDAY, 12/15- FESTIVE DAY (wear your ugly sweaters, santa hats, green and red, candy canes, tree light shirts…anything festive!)


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