New Ensemble! and other program changes for 2017-18

Some exciting news changes are afoot for the LO Choirs program!

  1. Treble Choir and Laker Choir will be a common first year experience for all students entering the choir program, unless students have had prior musical experience (band, orchestra, PYC, OCC, or other school choir experience). Both groups will continue to be non-auditioned, and students are encouraged to repeat the course if they enjoy the experience of singing in a treble or tenor/bass choir. This should help give each student entering the program a chance to develop a strong foundation of musical and vocal skills, share a common choral experience upon entering LOHS, and give every student the best possible chance to be in a strong ensemble their first year.
  2. First year students that want an extra challenge are welcome to audition for Bel Canto/A Cappella (see audition page for additional information). Contact Mr. Schwalbach if interested. If vocal quality and sight reading are of the level of those ensembles, students will be invited to join those groups but must also be enrolled in Treble Choir or Laker Choir. This expectation is similar to the requirement of students enrolled in Windjammers to also be enrolled in A Cappella- strong singers are also expected to lead in a core choral ensemble.
  3. BRAND NEW FOR THIS YEAR! We will be starting an auditioned chamber choir for that will meet from 7:35-8:15am on Thursdays. This group will focus on more advanced music (pop a cappella, vocal jazz, madrigals, and motets) in a focused setting. Students would perform at concerts and gigs in the community. Auditions are open to motivated freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. This experience would serve as great preparation for those interested in auditioning for Windjammers. Auditions will take place the third week of school (September 11-14). Specific audition details, along with signups, will be posted by September 5th.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Be well. -schwalbach

Laker Choir News Treble Choir

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